Korea Chef Topf La Rose Pot 18cm


  • La Rose is made by aluminum diecasting, featuring high efficiency in preserving and transferring heat to heat food evenly.
  • As CHEF TOPF La Rose is made through aluminum diecasting, it is highly efficient in preserving and transferring heat to heat food evenly and can be used in the oven and on a range as well. The hand grip is not connected to the body with bolts and nuts, but produced in a single body to prevent foods remnants from getting stuck in the connections for cleaner use.
  • It is more effective in preserving heat with a well-designed heavy lid to prevent heat leaks by raising the steam pressure. The self-basting effects (bumps are applied to the inside of lid to minimize nutrition loss and to keep food moist by preserving the original conditions of ingredients) applies for a better texture.
  • Eco-friendly ceramic coating is applied to the inside of product, and the non-stick function is reinforced to prevent food from getting scorched and sticking to the product. It enables far-infrared radiation emissions to heat deep inside foods.
  • CHEF TOPF La Rose ceramic pot features a flower design in general and petal patterns on the bottom for a more delicate look. A pouring rim is appied to the top of body to make it easy to remove contents from the pot.
  • Toxic-free eco-friendly ceramic coating and non-stick feature ensure safty and practically!
  • Minimize nutritional loss. Self-bastting sytem for moist food.
  • Floral Design for impressive color points
  • Far infrared radiation - heats deep inside foods!
  • Reheatable in oven and on range - European eco-friendly cookware.

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